Clothing Family Talk – How To Be More Fashionable

Being fashionable is perhaps most of us hope to achieve. Here are some things on the top of our head that you can do to look a bit more fashionable.

Find Something That Is Right For The Occasion

First off, you’ll want to wear something that is right for the occasion you’ll be going to. You would not want to wear short shorts to a formal dress party. Some people reason out that specific style is the one that they are most comfortable with. Unless you don’t have a wear that’s right for the occasion available then, in our opinion, that’s just plain laziness. Dressing properly means that you respect the occasion. Respect begets respect, the other way around, how will you command respect if you are discourteous to the event by not dressing properly.

Match Your Overall Style

Of course, you’ll have to mix and match your overall style. You would not want to wear shorts to match your neatly pressed blazer.

Some even go through great lengths just to look great. Perhaps one common thing people do to look great is buying super expensive jewelry or designer apparel. Also, we believe that looking great does not mean buying expensive stuff. We believe that you can look great without a kidney’s cost.

Who Is Fifteen Fashion

We at Fifteen Fashion provide affordable apparel that can suit your needs. We believe that being fashionable means wearing the right clothes at the right time. We would just like to say that we sometimes hold raffles and flash sales and get neat discounts. Better stay tuned to us always, we don’t want you to miss out on those goodies.

We are a fashion brand startup that started from a meager interest in shoes and how they match other clothes. Believe us that we see people wear mismatching shoes for their attire. We admit that we have some fashion disaster ourselves too. However, we do try to stay up to date with the fashion trends.

Why You Need Slip-On Shoes

Slip-on shoes are really good shoes. They fit in a lot of occasions and is fashionable.

No Problems Of Shoes Becoming Untied

Ever had this problem? Quite frustrating right? We remember when we would wear rubber shoes for our PE class. Most rubber shoes have laces, we they often get untied. Sure there are ways to tie your shoes in a more tight knot but how successful is this knot. How easy will it be to untie it whenever you’ll clean your shoes?

It’s just annoying and sometimes you trip over because you stepped on your untied shoelaces. We guess there are some events that do need a shoe with shoelaces but it’s just so much easier to be using slip-on shoes.

Comfortable & Easy To Wear

Slip-on shoes are comfortable and easy to wear. Of course you will have to wear shoes just the right size to be most comfortable. I tried to wear shoes that are bigger than my feet. It was leather shoes, I had no other choice since there was no other shoe available at that time. It was uncomfortable. I can’t walk properly especially on longer distances as it hurt my feet. It was an unpleasant experience. As much as we want our shoes to be of comfort, you should also find the right size.

Did you know that slip-on shoes are easy to wear? Well, after all, it only involves literally slipping your foot in the shoe. It’s like plug and play ease. In terms of hair, wash and wear. You just simply slip on and go that’s the ease you’d want, right?

Looks Great

Slip-on shoes like loafers, if it’s in the right occasion, look great. We mean, you’d rather not wear casual loafers to a formal party right?

We think loafers are great shoes and we would love to talk about it. They are slip-on shoes, so they do not have any laces. They feature a seam on the upper part of the shoe, which is either part of how the shoe is made or simply aesthetic detail. They can be formal or casual depending on the build and materials. If you want to go for a sockless look, opt for socks that don’t show like ankle socks or perhaps socks same as the skin color. There are also different types of loafers. Tassel loafers, horsebit loafers, penny loafers, etc. Penny loafers are getting pretty popular nowadays, They have this minimalist look and is actually quite versatile. They can go with slacks, jeans, etc.

Fifteen Fashion’s Best Loafers For Men

Meet Minimalist Guy’s Essential Loafers. The best loafers for men Fifteen Fashion has to offer.

Shoe Design

Minimalist Guy’s Essential Loafers are made with high quality materials. It’s sole and insole is made with rubber. Insoles are placed inside your shoes for extra comfort and sometimes better fit. It provides a better fit unlike when you are wearing loose shoes. In effect, your feet won’t rub as much against the inside of your shoes lessening the chances of blisters. Just make sure you choose the right size for your shoes. Rubber is one material used in some shock absorbers. In terms of your feet it can protect your feet from the shocks of stepping especially on a hard floor like cement. Just don’t do tap dancing with it.

The outer material of the shoe is made with leather for that comfortable good looks. It is designed with a minimalist build to achieve that casual or simplicity at best look.

When To Wear

Are you wondering when you can wear these lovely loafers?

Casual City Walks

Was it a tiring day at work or school? Do you want to unwind, go shopping, or maybe get some coffee. How about dining out or perhaps visiting a museum. Maybe play a little virtual reality on some game shops or a little bit of escape or horror rooms if you’re daring.

If you’re travelling like you want to enjoy the bustling liveliness of the city like Tokyo or Seoul. There are countless city adventures you can do with these loafers. These shoes are, of course, great for casual city leisure with your friends. How about doing those squad goals with these shoes!

Office Setup

Depending on your office, there are some employers who allow their employees to wear casual. Perhaps some allow smart casual attires.

Just a brief rundown a smart casual attire as defined by Western dress code is generally casual wear with a little mix of a proper lounge suit. A common example for men is the classic, polo shirt and jeans. Well what do you know, perfect attire for loafers right?

This is great since you can wear your loafers to the office. You can wear it daily or on a sunny Wednesday afternoon in your cubicle. Just don’t wear it on a rainy day.

When not to wear

As much as we’d want to bring these loafers practically everywhere. There are still some places you’re not supposed to bring these.

Hiking or Camping

You should have your own shoes whenever it’s time to go hiking or camping. I mean, you may enjoy going to the mountains, conquering the great wilderness. It’s a nice adventure, the air is so fresh unlike the smog air in the city. There are some benefits that camping can also bring to you. You get to have some exercise and sunshine along the way. You may also get a good night’s rest with the calm sound without any honking cars or some construction going on in a nearby building. However, your loafers may not be able to handle the terrain of the wilderness. So we wouldn’t recommend going hiking with your beloved loafers.

Why Turn Fifteen Fashion?

As much as there are a lot of choices of shoes, let us just say why we are one of the best choices out there.

They’re Fashionable!

Being fashionable is a form of self-respect and a way to boost your confidence. Especially when you wear the right outfit at the right time. People can complement how good you look or how your clothes look great. However, we are not just after other people’s compliments. What’s more important is the self-respect that you can give to yourself showing up in the right matched outfit that’s right for the occasion.

Our shoes ensure that you can have that peace of mind that you are wearing the right shoes for the occasion. Just be sure to read the guide the may come with the loafers you’ve bought. It might come in handy.

Quite Comfy

Sure you may have dressed nicely, right for the occasion and right match. However, you seem to have noticed that your jeans may have been too loose. Your shoes are hard as a brick it’s uncomfortable. If you’re wearing hard shoes your feet might get blistered. It’s not a pretty great feeling walking with blistered feet. It can even take a while for blisters to heal up. Be sure to also apply some antibacterial ointments on those blisters, we don’t want any infections now.

Well that’s not the case with our products. Our loafers come with comfort. So you can wear them without hurting your feet too much. Just make sure you choose the right size for your feet.

Slip On & Ready To Go!

Imagine you’re late for work, you rushed to the bathroom. You took a bath as fast as you can, in some cases you might think of not taking a bath. We don’t recommend this though unless on super cold weather. You probably even skipped breakfast, simply grab a piece of bread without toasting it. So you’ve now prepared, you suit up and then you try to wear your shoes. It’s taking time, so much, you’re late because your shoes are hard to wear. Maybe you also have to lace it up since you noticed it’s untied.

That’s not the case with our slip-on loafers. Just simply slip it on and go. Just remember to wake up earlier. Perhaps avoiding staying up late binge watching a whole series on Netflix.

Affordable Meets Valuable

So you bought some dirt cheap shoes from that dollar store. You thought to yourself that you get a bargain. You even bought three pairs of different colors cause why not. It’s pretty cheap. You then noticed that in just perhaps a month, the shoes are all torn. So much for those dirt cheap shoes. You kinda got what you paid for. However, we at Fifteen Fashion, we make sure that affordable meets valuable. We want to give you great deals that give the best bang for your buck.

Here have a deal now. Just input “ILOVEFIFTEEN” in your next order and get a good 5 percent off. Nifty right?