How To Choose A Cocktail Dress

Occasions where you can wear a cocktail dress are no longer restricted to the cocktail party after the sun goes down. More and more events now require cocktail dresses to be worn irrespective of time of day, making your options just that little bit more broader.

Your choice of dress for a midday lunch may be much different to evening drinks. Worse still could be late afternoon that turns into an evening event.

Regardless of the time of day, an occasion that necessitates wearing a cocktail dress is undoubtedly glamorous, sophisticated and just a little bit sexy. Finding a dress is easy, with a huge number of manufacturers offering a wide variety of dresses.

Finding a dress that works for you, as well as being versatile enough that it can be worn across different times of the day, can be a little more challenging. However, the following tips should help you out.

Choose A Cocktail Dress

Darker colors are your safest approach when choosing a cocktail dress. In a sea of tuxedos, the elegance of black, charcoal and dark navy are difficult to get wrong. With this said, these shades are not your only option, especially if you’re after a slightly different look.

Attending an event that’s held during the day doesn’t necessarily call for those dark shades that work so well during the evening. If you’re planning to go lighter or more colorful, this is the best time to do it.

Shrugs, shawls and scarves are a fantastic way to change your look as the night progresses. By wearing a darker dress, color and style can be adjusted with these versatile pieces. What’s more is they’re a very practical piece when moving from a warmer afternoon party to a cooler evening event.

Layers can also work well in reverse, where they can be removed as the night and party progress. Start with coats, shawls or scarves and as the party heats up, leave these in the coat room to draw attention back to your look throughout the night.

Shoes are an obvious point of focus for your dress. For such formal events, flats are generally not a good idea. Rather, slip into an elegant pair of heels that match your outfit, preferably black with a little bit of classy bling being acceptable.

Jewelry is the final piece to an important part of your cocktail dress look. Here it’s about finding a necklace that matches your earrings, within your budget, and without overdoing it. When it comes to these events, it’s about finding well stated jewelry that isn’t overbearing, but captures the attention of whoever’s in your company to enhance your complexion.

With this in mind, you may notice that choosing a cocktail dress is as much about matching it to your complexion and body type as it is about matching to the event. Do some research, find out more about the event, and you can be sure you’ll look great. If you want to find out more about what types of clothes and what colors match your complexion, try our online style analysis tool for your own personalized report.

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