Minimalist Guy’s Essential Loafers


Are you a city lover? What, your office allows you to wear casual attire and need a daily shoe? Maybe simply want something minimalist? Then you this shoe is great for you. You can bring these loafers to your gimmick around the metro or bring these bad boys daily to work or just want a minimalist looking design. Unsure what size is for you? Check Our Shoe Size Chart!

Sole Material: Rubber | Shoe Material: Leather

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Details & Features

minimalist guy's essential loafers details & features

Why This Product Is Durable

These loafers are made with high quality materials and built with a nice manufacturing process to ensure that the product will last long.

Durable Materials

The insole and the sole was made with high quality rubber while the body is made with good quality leather for durability and style as well.

sole and leather

The Minute Details

high quality materials

Up Close

close up shot

Wear & Go

walking photo

Inner Details

inner details

Pleasing Design

You won’t be disappointed with the minimalistic design of these loafers. Surely it will knock your socks off. Well not literally though.

pleasing design


How do I know my shoe size?

You must refer to our shoe size chart.

The shoe does not fit, how do I return it? 

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Within 24 hours after receiving the item. If the shoes does not fit, you may return our shoes kindly email us and we’ll send instructions for you to send back your shoes and we’ll provide a 100% refund (not including the shipping cost for returning the item). Any returns beyond 24 hours is not valid.

The shoe is damaged, how do I return? 

Manufacturing defects are sometimes unavoidable, within 24 hours after receiving the item, just email us and we’ll send you instructions about returning your item. It will take some time for us to validate if your shoes are indeed damaged but once validated, we’ll provide 100% refund. Any returns beyond 24 hours is not valid.

Is the shoe waterproof?

Sorry but loafers are not as waterproof as you think.

Where are the shoes made?

Our shoes are made from great suppliers from Asia.

How do I care for the shoes?

You may apply typical loafer care like how you normally care for loafers.

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